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Warrior cat creator

Please leave empty:. The whole rainbow! Be killed by it. Just leave it! Attack it by myself! Tell the deputy to set a border patrol. Certain types of birds. Bad fighter. Poor hunter. Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope NOPE! Of course! Why would I hate them? An elder, a kit and your mate are all drowning. You can't help them all - which do you save? The elder and my mate, because I really hate kits The kit and my mate because I love them!

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The elder and the kit because EWW! Comments Change color. Boulderspring I got Boulderspring. Honeyfall I got Honeyfall. Seems as if everyone has got Honeyfall, lol. I got Honeyfall! Hollyleaf Anonymous ViperShade Blackbee Moongleam I think most people got Honeyfall.

I got Honeyfall as well. Sunnyheart : A small pale ginger she-cat which looks almost just like my oc Sunnyheart later Sunnystar! I see another Honeyfall! What are the odds? HoneyFall So great! I love the names!

Leaping Warrior Cats

Ravenfeather You can choose the color and pattern of pretty much everything. Every choice you make for your cat is visualized in three simultaneous views! Design your own pet, re-create your companion or create warrior cats! Please do not sell images made with this game. Tags: animals - cats - feline - mega hits. Wanna post a comment? Become a Premium Doll Divine member! Remember me. Popular Game Tags: anime cartoons chibi couples disney dragons fashion harry potter historical inkscribble mermaids my little pony princess.

All four white socks, opacity. White tail tip, opacity. Both eyes orange. Darker pink nose. White ear tips, opacity. White muzzle, opacity.

warrior cat creator

Longest scar on her side, missing right ear, both notches in left ear, longest facial scar across her left eye. She is very scittish, but determined to be a great warrior. Born as a loner, her mother was killed by a badger when Brindlepaw was a kit, and Brindlepaw herself was very injured.

She was taken in by RiverClan.

warrior cat creator

She has no memory of anything that happened before she joined RiverClan, but will occasionally have dreams about when her mother died, although she never remembers them. Rank: Apprentice 4 years ago.

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Scars:Missing an eye due to protecting the kittens against an aggressive puppy. Create: Fur length long, with long tail, short whiskers. Darker pelt option, black with 75 opacity.

Tabby pattern option underneath the option to the right of classic tabby in the middleblack, D'X 5 years ago.

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I've made countless cats, including my main OC Nightfall. I still can't get her markings exactly right, since she's a maincoon and they have slightly different markings than tabby's though its a the closest I've been able to get with an online creator :D Love it, thanks so much. Click it and download it.

Then go to your profile next to 'my stuff' and click upload a doll. Then, you will be sent to your downloads. Find the cat you saved, and click open.Hey fellas, here is an awesome quiz for you; Warriors! This is a personality quiz that shall help you decide which cat character are you from the Warriors novel series.

Take this legendary quiz and have fun! I will fight till my last breath, defending my clan-mates and keeping the order is my only priority. Nobody can stand me, boss people; no chance! Good people; better not to challenge me at anything. I know what's right and what's wrong, but my past experiences have not been very pleasant. So better be careful with me! Forgot your password? Speak now. Which Warriors' Cat Are You? A Warriors Novel Quiz! Please take the quiz to rate it.

Title of New Duplicated Quiz:. Duplicate Quiz Cancel. More Warrior Cat Quizzes. Featured Quizzes. Are You Liberal or Conservative?

Related Topics. Questions and Answers. Remove Excerpt. Removing question excerpt is a premium feature. The clan is attacked by rogues and you are sleeping in your den. When your best friend jabs you in the ribs and tells you to get up what do you do? You get up and shake the moss from your pelt slowly. Always taking your time. You find out that there is a traitor in the clan. Now, how are you going to find out who is betraying your beloved clan.

What do you do? You dip your head and run out to find who could possible be the betrayer. I will teach them a lesson that they won't ever forget. They better count their time. I will get them out of the river and hand them over to their clan. They are just kits. Back to top. Sign In with your ProProfs account. Not registered yet?A beautiful maker which lets you personalize your wolf down to individual patches of color.

Pick your exact color and save your palette for ultimate customization. If you are having problems loading or playing a game, please update your browser first before flagging.

Some games use special graphic modules like Unityetc. All games have been tested and work in the latest Mozilla Firefox not all games work in all browsers except FireFox Some games will work in full-screen mode.

warrior cat creator

Thank you for your patronage and enjoy your game play! Upon receiving notification in accordance with any related copyright organization or owner, WebPaws Games will immediately disable and remove games in question.

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Please re-enable it to use all the features. You need to make sure your browser has an "Adobe Flash plugin" and that it is activated. For FireFox, right click where the game should display and choose "Activate this plugin" and then select "Allow". Warrior Cat Maker V. Have you updated your browser first before flagging? Is your Adobe Flash up to date?

Check Here Is your Shockwave up to date? Check Here Having done steps and still not working, please install the latest Mozilla Firefox which all games have been tested and work in.

Please only click if you've performed the above steps.

Create a warrior cat character!

Game not working? Please click to flag for repair. Share Using:.Recently updated to include a full color palette, featuring all colors naturally occuring in cats, as well as fantasy ones.

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There are also extensive coat variations, just like in nature. You can create tortoiseshell and calico cats, pointed even mink! There is now a complete randomizer as well as a realistic randomizer button which only generates cat coats that could happen in reality.

You can finally re-create all of your favorite Warrior character! Make sure to turn on the text box, as the natural randomizer will also spit out the names of the cats it's creating : Tags: animals - kamirah - dolldivine - feline - cats - mega hits - dolldivine collab. Wanna post a comment? Become a Premium Doll Divine member! Remember me. Popular Game Tags: anime cartoons chibi couples disney dragons fashion harry potter historical inkscribble mermaids my little pony princess.

Then I realized it was the other wing and felt stupid. Anyone else agree? Or maybe its a little too cartoonized Other than that, I made tons of my OC's with this :D 5 years ago. I always thought it was Squirrelflight! Cute Lolita. Demon Creator. Elf Maker. Fire Element. Indian Fashion. Prom Dress. Valentine Look.

Vampire Maker.

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Spooky Doll. Witchy Style. Dark Queen. Anime Face Maker.

Warrior Cat OC Generator!

Pony Shopping.Ever wanted to join the warrior community and be your OWN custom cat? Well here's your chance! Join Leaping Warrior Cats and enter a forum filled with equally nice cats and join a clan!

Let's Create a "Warrior Cats" Original Character! - Amino Advertisement!

Hope to see you around! Display results as : Posts Topics. Advanced Search. The newest registered user is Berrytail. Log in automatically. LWC Facebook Page. Leaping Warrior Cats.

warrior cat creator

Please go vote for the artwork in the Fan-Art section! Site Rules. How about you read out site rules! Learn the rights and wrongs, or remind yourself when you've forgotten. Knowing the rules is knowing how to play on LWC. Clan Points Pawn Shop You earn clan points by posting topics, making meaningful replies and many other ways. Spend your well earned CP in the shop here. PM Hazelstar for purchases. Something you'd like to be seen in the tab bar or an idea for the next official roleplay?

Make a topic about it here! Special Announcements Here are announcements normally made by Admin's and Mod's. But if you have anything to say, feel free! They should be on LWC topic, please! Introduce Your Kitty Are you new here or plan to take an extended leave? This is the place to tell us. Say who you are, and give a friendly introduction and feel free to tell us a little about yourself.They follow the same structure as the fields attribute above except that the summary is not present.

A Node Object, a tree-like recursive structure representing the model. Method of choosing best attribute and split point for a given node.

For classification models, a number between 0 and 1 that expresses how certain the model is of the prediction. See the Section on Confidence for more details. Note that for models you might have created using the first versions of BigML this value might be null.

An Objective Summary Object summarizes the objective field's distribution at this node. If the objective field is numeric and the number of distinct values is greater than 32. If the objective field is categorical, an array of pairs where the first element of each pair is one of the unique categories and the second element is the count for that category.

If the objective field is numeric and the number of distinct values is less than or equal to 32, an array of pairs where the first element of each pair is one of the unique values found in the field and the second element is the count. A status code that reflects the status of the model creation. Example: "000005" boosting optional Gradient boosting options for the ensemble.

Warrior cat life generator

Required to created an ensemble with boosted trees. Example: 128 description optional A description of the ensemble up to 8192 characters long. Example: flase name optional The name you want to give to the new ensemble.

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Example: "000003" ordering optional Specifies the type of ordering followed to build the models of the ensemble. Example: 16 tags optional A list of strings that help classify and retrieve the ensemble. If no significant improvement is made on the holdout, boosting will stop early.

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Unordered list of distributions for each model in the ensemble. Each distribution is an Object with a entry for the distribution of instances in the training set and the distribution of predictions in the model.

See a model distribution field for more details. The list of fields's ids that were excluded to build the models of the ensemble.

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