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Wood steamer trunk

Welcome to the home of a wide range of Amish handcrafted furniture such as wooden chests for your home, living room, or office. We value our customers and do everything that we can meet their expectations by delivering a quality piece of furniture that will last a lifetime. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, or suggestions you may have about our products. We will be sure to answer your questions as soon as possible. Wooden chests have been around for years!

Also, we know that storage space is hard to come by in every home. That is why we offer storage chests that will store your extra belongings while adding beauty to your home.

Restoring a vintage steamer trunk

We offer a huge variety of chests and trunks to ensure that you will be able to customize your wooden chest to enhance whichever room you place it. The more it lasts, the more valuable your furniture will get!

Check out How to tell if the furniture is valuable? Also, we believe that it is never too late to start a family heirloom. Now you can choose to use a wooden chest for your own personal use, or you can choose to give a chest to a loved one.

Steamer Trunk Restoration photos Part 1

Our chests are built to last for years so that your future generations will be able to enjoy it as well. Customize your own wooden chest to fit your style! Receive an email with estimated delivery date in business days. Made from quality hardwood with attention to detail! Delivered by UPS freight in weeks.

Once your package arrives, the rest is pure enjoyment. Simply unpack your chest, place it at its desired location, store your belongings inside, and enjoy for years to come! And who knows, maybe someday your grandchildren will be using that very chest to store their own precious belongings. Read more about the Amish Handcrafted Process.Trunk restoration is a combination of wood working, metal craft and leather work, so it helps to have some experience in all three fields.

The hardest part of the entire project is in the preparation of the piece. There are three approaches you can take when performing your restoration; The first is a complete refurbish with new materials which ends with a fantastic finish, but can seriously diminish the value of your antique.

The second is a 'soft' restoration, where no new hardware is used, and only what was used in the original construction goes back into it's rebuild. This kind of project is best used on pieces of extreme value, where authenticity is important, but can seriously limit the 'curb appeal' of your trunk. The third is a moderate restoration, where as much of the original hardware is re-used. I find the third method the most effective since it retains both curb appeal, and attempts to keep the piece as original as possible, however, feel free to use whichever one suits you best.

Tools: Utility knife - for removing old canvas cover. Masking Tape - to mask of edges for staining Beeswax Polish - to protect the metal from rusting again. One of the trickiest parts of the project is disassembling the trunk. The first place to start is to remove the lid and leather hardware.

Most of it should be held together by tacks and nails that punch through the wood and have their points bent down on the inside to hold them in place. This is where the sharp chisel comes into play. You want to be as careful as possible, since if you simply use the nail puller, they'll just tear through the wood leaving gaping holes that will require filler. Your best bet is to get under the point, on the inside of the box, as carefully as possible, then use your pliers to straighten the tips as best as you can.

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Then you can use the nail puller, from the outside, and yank the old tacks out. If they aren't rotted to badly, they can be taken to a wire wheel to be revived, otherwise they'll need to be replaced. The rest of the hardware, such as, the metal trim and hinges can be removed in the same way, but as you'll see later, it can be better to leave them on.

To keep the trunk as original as possible, I wanted to leave as much of the patina on the metal as I could. The best way I found was using a wire brush on the end of a drill to buff off the layer of rust, but leave the pitting and age behind. Originally I tried a brass brush, which is less abrasive, but found it left marks on the metal work, so I ended up using the steel one and found it worked perfectly.

Another advantage of the wire wheel is the ability to get into all of the nooks and crannies around the hardware. The trick is not to press to hard as you don't want to polish the metal, only remove the outer layer of rust exposing the darkened aged metal underneath. Another thing I learned was that it was better to leave the canvas cover on the trunk as I was removing the rust since it protected the wood, and I would be removing it anyway. I wasn't terribly concerned about the paper edging since I would be sanding it later to remove some of the staining and age, and also clean some of the rivets that pin them in place.

Exposing the bare wood; The liner should come out pretty easy, and for the most part just peels away from the wood. In the original construction, they used a paste of flour and water as a glue which is water soluble. A few spots were still stuck fast, so I simply soaked them with a damp sponge, and scraped them.

The canvas was a bit trickier to remove. I used the utility knife and cut the cloth as close to the seams as possible, cutting around some of the metal work. When the bulk of the canvas was removed, I used the scraper to tuck any remainders under the seams and the utility knife to cut off the fibers that straggled behind.

For the tight corners, a slotted screwdriver or chisel works just as well. Sanding; There's going to be lots of that.Learn how to take your home from blah to bananas.

We're dishing on all the ways to bring chic and unique style to your space. Warning: Decorating with Chairish can be addictive. Never miss new arrivals that match exactly what you're looking for! Steamer Trunks. The first thing that comes to mind when we think about a steamer trunk? The buzzy excitement that accompanies packing up for a capitol A-style Adventure. A steamer trunk is a lovely storage option, especially if you love a vintage travel theme. A traditional wooden vintage steamer trunk with polished latches or a boho chic floral steamer trunk or anything in between works beautifully as an accent piece.

Channel your creativity and use this piece of vintage furniture as a coffee table or as a dresser at the foot of the bed. Work one in and you have accessible, out-of-sight storage for all those photo albums, coffee table books, and other random trinkets in a flash.

When used as a a coffee table, your steamer trunk will do all the decorating heavy-lifting for you. The flat-top surface of the trunk is plenty big enough for a lampa long mirror which can also be hung on the wallmakeup, and maybe even the odd succulent. Did we mention this idea is also ingenious and so original? Full steam ahead! We've recently updated the Chairish, Inc. Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. If you continue to use these services, you're letting us know that you've read and agree to the changes.

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wood steamer trunk

Best of Sale. Are you an interior designer? Join our trade program to enjoy exclusive benefits! Join the trade. Discover Designers: View the Designer Directory.Customize your own wooden chest to fit your style! Receive an email with estimated delivery date in business days.

wood steamer trunk

Made from quality hardwood with attention to detail! Delivered by UPS freight in weeks.

Antique Steamer Trunks and Chests

Once your package arrives, the rest is pure enjoyment. Simply unpack your chest, place it at its desired location, store your belongings inside, and enjoy for years to come! And who knows, maybe someday your grandchildren will be using that very chest to store their own precious belongings. Are you looking for a maple steamer trunk now? Check out our quickship page where we offer a maple steamer trunks that can be delivered in roughly 1 week! Are you looking for an oak steamer trunk now?

Check out our quickship page where we offer a oak steamer trunks that can be delivered in roughly 1 week! The steamer trunks were built with a durable, rugged, and reliable structure. Most people used these trunks to store clothes, treasures, and other valuables whenever they would travel on trains and steamships.

These wooden trunk chests were specifically built with a low profile to fit in berths of trains and in the cabins of a steamships, and then they were given the name steamer trunk.

For more info about the fascinating history of wooden chests, check out our blog. Historians claim that most people wanted their trunk to be built with a rounded lid.

The porters loading the trains and ships would often place the humpbacked trunks on top of the stack of luggage. This would help keep the trunk from getting damaged at the bottom of the stack. Although a steamer trunk is no longer used for traveling, a trunk chest is great way to store valuables and priceless family heirlooms. These sturdy, durable Amish handcrafted trunk chests will keep your delicate china, blankets, and precious family heirlooms safe.

wood steamer trunk

With antique hardware and the genuine leather handles, these wooden trunk chests give off a certain air of nostalgia which looks great in any room that you choose to place it. When you choose a steamer trunk with a flat top lid, you can also use it as a coffee tableend table, or an accent piece.Practical storage space combines with a stylish, custom design in this adaptation of a well-known classic traveling companion.

In the era of steamship and train travel, no self-respecting traveler would dare venture abroad without a fashionable, rugged trunk to safely store their possessions and wardrobe. However, as transportation evolved to modern automobiles and air travel — making way for the more transportable suitcase — most trunks found a new home tucked away in the attic storing family treasures.

But because of their beauty and considerable size, many of these trunks are finding a second life serving as decorative storage solutions.

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That was the inspiration for the version you see here. This trunk is not only attractive, but it also provides lots of storage in its main compartment. You can download the additional shop drawings that you purchased using the link in this box. Note: After your purchase, you will receive an email containing a PDF attachment of your purchased plan, as well as instructions for logging in to download the plan and access any other associated files and videos, which will all be located on this page.

Since you are an affiliate, you can use this url to link people to this page and get credited for it:. Premium Files You can download the additional shop drawings that you purchased using the link in this box. Shop Drawing. What You Get: 19 printable digital pages of shop-tested tips and techniques More than full-color photos and illustrations and exploded views Cutting diagram and materials list Includes a technique article on making handcut dovetails Includes a technique article on making precision stopped cuts Retail sources for project hardware and supplies.Before the age of Samsonite, travelers carried their luggage in steamer trunks.

While these trunks usually do not prove extremely valuable, there are collectors who will pay top dollar for one of these items especially if it has been well-preserved. They are often covered in smooth or embossed metal though some have canvas exteriors.

These trunks also have wooden slats or metal bands to strengthen the frame and for decorative design. The interiors sometimes contain trays but little else of note. Steamer trunks come in various sizes. Some models were carry-on pieces of luggage that could be stowed underneath the berths of trains.

These trunks usually require two people to carry them. Generally, the smaller trunks are harder to find and greater in value. If you come upon a steamer trunk in your attic, its value depends upon in large part upon its condition.

A subspecies of the steamer, the wall trunk a trunk that can be opened when flush against a wall is a highly collectible item and can be sold for significantly more than a typical flat-top model. Also, the value of the trunk is greater if you have the original key to lock and open it.

If you find a steamer trunk in poor condition, a professional trunk restorer can refinish it to its former glory. Several vendors also sell toolkits as well as trunk parts so you can do it yourself. In either case, the time and expense make this work more of a labor of love than a profitable business venture. Another collectible associated with steamer trunks are the labels and tags get attached or pasted to a trunk that has made its way through many ports and hotels.

Further, they enhance the overall value of the trunk for many collectors. He holds a graduate degree in Russian literature from Stanford University and currently lives in Los Angeles. By: Noel Lawrence Updated April 12, Share It. About the Author. Photo Credits.The addition of a vintage steamer trunk can add a pop of classic to any space.

The problem, it seems, is getting your hands on one in an acceptable condition within an affordable price range. There is a limited selection of authentic trunks that have been well maintained. A beloved heirloom from grandma gathering dust in the basement, not many still have the robust aesthetic of their youth. Luckily, there are many ways around the price tag. If your trunk is over a years old, most will need a screw or too to secure a loose edge.

Many times these items are sentimental to the seller, whom might be resistant to let it go in the first place.

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